2021 Glenarty Road Petillant Naturel

2021 Glenarty Road Petillant Naturel

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méthode ancestrale - refreshing spritz - lychee - guava -cinnamon

T A S T E - A fruit-forward and insanely fun wine inspired by the method ancestral style of winemaking that preceded the methode champenoise. Think lychee, passionfruit and cinnamon spice. lively and refreshing spritz with great fruit weight!

E N J O Y - while basking in the sunshine with your besties as cold as you can get it (to minimise gushing)


V A R I E T Y  -  96% Sauvignon Blanc  + 4% Shiraz

W I N E M A K I N G  -  Sauvignon Blanc from the hop block was machine harvested, cold settled, and fermented in stainless steel at low temp. The shiraz was harvested the following month and 80L of free-run juice from the tank was cold settled and blended to the SB wine to bring the must up to 1 baume of RS. A bucket of active rose ferment yeast was added to the must and the wine was hand bottled the following day. The yeast continued the fermentation under crown seal resulting in slight sedimentation and tartrate formation. Absolutely no additions were made to this wine, as natural as it gets!

M A T U R A T I O N  -  NA

A L C  + V O L   - 12.3% + 750ml

H A R V E S T SB: 3 March 2021. Shiraz: 8 April 2021

B O T T L E D  -  12th April 2021

C E L L A R  -  drink young for maximum enjoyment.