2021 Glenarty Road Rosé

2021 Glenarty Road Rosé

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hand picked - dry-grown - strawberries + cream - raspberry - lime blossom - zero RS 

T A S T E  -  A dry and slightly serious rosé made purely from Pinot Noir that displays raspberries, juicy strawberries and cream lifted by delicate floral aromatics. Textural and expressive with great fruit weight backed by a restorative dry finish. notes of Campari and lime blossom give this wine extra definition for moreish drinkability.

E N J O Y -  a dry french style rosé for summer salads and charcuterie boards. perfect for long lunches.


V A R I E T Y   100% Pinot Noir (clones 2325, 2222, 114,115)

V I N E Y A R D  -  East Facing site - morning sun, afternoon wind influence from the southern ocean. Second harvest from 2018 grafting onto SB. 

W I N E M A K I N G  -   pressed to stainless steel, cold settled, compiled 350L of Drain off from PN to co-ferment. cool ferment over 8 days. bottled young and fresh,

A L C  +  V O L  - 12.1% + 750ml

H A R V E S T   Handpicked 4 March 21 - harvested under the nets to a background of a thunderstorm in the distance - bottom 10 panels of top 4 clones (greener portion of the block)

B O T T L E D  -  2nd June 2021

C E L L A R  -  drink now