2018 Glenarty Road Cane Cut

2018 Glenarty Road Cane Cut

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sauvignon blanc - honey - passionfruit - pavlova + apricot slice

T A S T E  - liquid Pavlova, preserved peaches, honey. Great balance of fruit sweetness and acidity.

E N J O Y - perfect dessert wine or pair with blue cheese.


V A R I E T Y   100% Sauvignon Blanc

W I N E M A K I N G  - hand-harvested cane cut fruit (dehydrated 15%) was combined with fresh Sauvignon blanc fruit and left to rehydrate in the press overnight. The juice was pressed to 500l/tonne, resembling nectar. Fermentation in stainless steel with ferment arrested at 7 Baume residual.

M A T U R A T I O N  - Best matured in bottle to develop honeyed notes and build richness.

A L C + V O L   - 14.5% + 750ml

H A R V E S T  -  6th April 2018

B O T T L E D  -  3rd July 2019

C E L L A R  -  drink now or cellar for 10 + years.