NV Glenarty Road Solera Muscat

NV Glenarty Road Solera Muscat

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muscat petit granis - solera stack - 5 years in oak - grandmas fruit cake - ripe cherry - cedar - nutmeg

T A S T E   brick red with brown hues. notes of Christmas cake, nutmeg, red cherries and cedar. dense layers of ripe dried fruits creating a powerful structure backed by superfine tannins and a fresh, clean finish.

E N J O Y - summer: serve slightly chilled day post-feast + winter: best drunk by the fire.


V A R I E T Y   100% muscat petit granis.

W I N E M A K I N G  -  fermented on skins for 7-10 days. fortified with a neutral grape spirit at the perfect time to capture the true fruit sweetness.

M A T U R A T I O N  - french oak for minimum 9 months, maximum 5 years.

A L C  +  V O L  - 18.9%

B O T T L E D  -  5 July 2021

C E L L A R  -  10 + years.