2020 Kerfuffle Scarlet Rosé

2020 Kerfuffle Scarlet Rosé

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***SOLD OUT*** I am a juicy Rose with hints of watermelon, pomegranate and passionfruit zest.  With a gentle touch of sweetness, I'm perfectly matched to spicy foods and bound to cause a Kerfuffle.


C O L O U R - Lovely soft scarlet, pretty watermelon. 

N O S E - A lively bouquet of red fruits and green apple with a fragrant thread of cinnamon and passionfruit zest.

P A L A T E -The slight spritz of this lively Rosé allows it to explode upon the palate. This combines seamlessly with the gentle touch of sweetness to showcase the wide array of fresh red fruit.

S T Y L E  -  A drink now style that certainly causes a Kerfuffle!

V A R I E T Y - 71% Shiraz + 29% Muscat

A L C + V O L - 11.1% + 750ml