2020 Glenarty Road Rosé

2020 Glenarty Road Rosé

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** SOLD OUT*** lime blossom - strawberries + cream - rhubarb - zero RS - handpicked - dry-grown 

T A S T E  - rhubarb skin. juicy strawberries and cream lifted by delicate floral aromatics. textural and expressive with great fruit weight backed by a restorative dry finish.  notes of Campari and orange blossom give this wine extra definition for moreish drinkability.

E N J O Y -  a dry french style rosé for summer salads and charcuterie boards. perfect for long lunches.


V A R I E T Y   90% Pinot Noir, 8 % Shiraz 2% Muscat

V I N E Y A R D  -  the first harvest for grafted Pinot Noir clones 2222 and 2325

W I N E M A K I N G  -  free run juice, wild fermented in 70: stainless steel 30: third fill French oak. bottled young and fresh,

A L C  +  V O L  - 10.5% + 750ml

H A R V E S T  -  18th February 20120

B O T T L E D  -  30th April 2020

C E L L A R  -  drink now