EXPERIENCE GLENARTY | forage on the farm

EXPERIENCE GLENARTY  |  forage on the farm | Glenarty Road | Margaret River

The ultimate Margaret River wine + farm + food experience.

Experience Glenarty Road beyond the farmhouse, on this ultimate farm, food and wine foraging adventure.

On our journey through the farm, you will taste and enjoy up to 10 wines right at the source, as we forage and enjoy a roaming four-stage feast of seasonal produce, farm snacks, house made charcuterie, cheese and freshly baked bread.

Walk among the vines, macadamias, hops and seasonal veggie garden, meeting whichever animals cross our path on the day. Learn about our family history, how we regeneratively farm our land, respectfully hand craft our wines and bring you wholesome good times in a unique farm to table style.

This is the ultimate adventure for the true epicurean who is looking for an in-depth and down-to-earth food and wine experience.

To truly see and taste how our grapes translate into the glass... join us from late January to April when harvest is happening.

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