Join Our Team

We are a small team of people who share a passion to provide an honest, wholesome and real experience. To showcase and share the stories of our patch of land. 

It is our vision to sustainably farm fresh produce, make creative wines that are an honest reflection of our land and encourage people to share, enjoy and celebrate life. We do our best to bring culture to our community and create a place where people can experience something different and open their mind to a new way of thinking. If we can just inspire others to see what they can do more with their raw materials... be it a small container veggie patch to growing broad beans or planting a hop garden, we are a happy bunch!

Our passion is to provide an honest experience by showcasing our backyard and sharing our stories. We love to engage the senses and inspire the creativity of our customers. We want to give our customers the chance to see how much fun it is to make a product with their own hands and to see the value in the handmade, unique, creative methods of making wine and growing food.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We respect the land and farm for tomorrow. It is our aim to create a sustainable and rewarding family business, with a team of people who share the same values and beliefs. Our small team is just that... a group of people who share our values and have a passion for sustainable food, creative wines and creating an extraordinary customer experience. Meet our team...  

If this sounds like you and you would love to join our team or share you skills, we would love to hear from you!