Dig a little deeper

and go beyond the farm gate with our bookable experiences.

Forage on the Farm

W I N E + F O O D + F A R M

experience glenarty road beyond the farmhouse, on this ultimate farm, food and wine foraging adventure.

on our journey through the farm, you will taste and enjoy up to 10 wines right at the source, as we forage and enjoy a roaming four-stage feast of seasonal produce, farm snacks, house made charcuterie, cheese and freshly baked bread.

the ultimate adventure for the true epicurean who is looking for an in-depth and down-to-earth farm experience.

$110 per person. 3:00pm. thursday to sunday.

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Where Good Things Grow

G A R D E N + W I N E

wander into the depths of our regeneratively raised kitchen garden for an informative and inspiring walking and talking tour.

then let the garden path lead into an insightful wine tasting with a spread of food foraged from around the farm.

$65 per person. 11am thursday to sunday.

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Graze the Day Away

W I N E + F O O D

laze on the lawn with a flight of six wines in a self-guided tasting which will allow you the time and space to explore and enjoy each wine, while soaking in the fresh farm air and atmosphere. 

then graze the afternoon away with your favourite wine and a seasonal grazing board.

12pm. thursday to sunday.

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Raised Regeneratively


with a refreshing spritzer in hand, join us for a guided wander through our kitchen garden.

learn how we regeneratively grow abundant and nutritious fresh produce and how it is translated into our farm to table experience.

$35 per person. 11am. thursday to sunday.

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