Our Team

This is the dream team that bring our food and wine vision to life! They are all very special to us and they each share our passion to provide you with an honest, wholesome and real experience; to showcase and share the stories of our patch of land. This is your invite to virtually meet our team, so you feel right at home the next time you visit and we all look forward to welcoming you soon...
Ben McDonald - Glenarty Road
B E N   M C D O N A L D - owner + viticulturist + farmer 

Ben has been born and breed on Glenarty Road, which is what he most grateful for. He is loves the land and being creative, inventive and adventurous. His favourite thing to do apart from farming and being with family is boating and fishing. Which is fitting that his favourite place on earth is Hamelin Island. He has some classic Dad jokes which are getting better or worse every year and his life motto is, go hard or go home!

Favourite Glenarty Road wine – 2020 Pinot Noir

 Sasha McDonald - Glenarty Road 
S A S H A   M C D O N A L D - owner + winemaker

Our lady with a dream, a passion and the drive that has made Glenarty Road what it is today. Sash lives by her life motto and this to do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life! So, when she is not working to create this amazing food and wine experience, she is enjoying it and maybe sabering a few bottles of bubbles. She is most grateful for living in the Southwest with beautiful family and friends amongst the pristine farmland and environment.

Favourite Glenarty Road Wine – All the 2020 wines, especially the Chardonnay + Rose + Vermentino/Fiano.

McDonald Family - Glenarty Road 
J U N I O R   M C D O N A L D S - our family
Peter McDonald - Glenarty Road 
P E T E R   M C D O N A L D - old McDonald
C A R O L I N E  F O L E Y – behind the scene support + granny

Caroline is Sash’s Mum and Maxwell’s Granny, who offers us so much support behind the scenes and makes an incredible chocolate brownie. She lives an active but relaxed lifestyle in in Augusta, which she chose to be closer to Sash. When she is not getting cuddles from Max she is swimming at the beach, paddle boarding on the Blackwood, riding her bike to Glenarty or hosting a dinner party for friends. He favourite place in the world is Paris or anywhere in France, which is where she spent a lot of time when she was younger. Her life motto is to treat others as you wish to be treated.

Favourite Glenarty Road wines – Chardonnay for it delicious flavour and texture.

 Joaquin Diz - Glenarty Road 
J O A Q U I N   D I Z - head chef

The grill master and the master mind behind our incredible farm feast. Joaquin not only brings our paddock to plate food dream to life, he is probably the nicest most down to earth chef you’ll meet. Coming from Patagonia in Argentina via some of the top restaurants in Australia, he has chosen Margaret River for its beautiful relaxed lifestyle and proximity to the ocean. When he is not bringing our fresh produce to the table, you’ll find him surfing and swimming in the ocean or baking his incredible bread. His mentality is go big or go home.

Favourite Glenarty Road wine – Chardonnay because it’s the perfect food wine.

 Scotty Parsons - Glenarty Road 
S C O T T Y   P A R S O N S - chef 

Scotty is an all-round good bloke… a little different but heaps of fun! When not cracking jokes in the kitchen you will find him fishing, playing the guitar, or beating Tom at pool. His best party trick that we can safely share is doing the Nutbush. His favourite place in the world is the Aussie Outback and he choose to live in the Margaret River region for the lifestyle and good people.

Favourite Glenarty Road Wine – Fume Blanc, because its delicious + easy drinking!

A S H   H A R R I S - cellar door manager 

Ash has been with us since the start, she is a big part of our family and Bob and Pepper best friend. Her hobbies is riding a sassy mare and challenging herself by training in dressage. She is happiest when sitting around a dinner table with her favourite people, ideally drinking delicious wine and telling tales. Her best party trick is flaming backdraft shots, mastered during her uni days. 

Favourite Glenarty Road wine - Fume Blanc because it was the first Glenarty wine she tried and is has beautiful structure and elegance.

Amelia Knight - Glenarty Road 
A M E L I A   K N I G H T - cellar door + marketing

Amelia has been friends with Sash since working Cellar Door at Mchenry Hohnen in 2014. She joined the Glenarty Family in 2019 brining her love for wine and experience in wine marketing. An Esperance girl at heart, she has chosen to call this region home for is beautiful forest and beaches and the country lifestyle with amazing luxuries of fine wine and food. Her favourite place in the world is Wharton Beach at the Duke of Orleans Bay (shh keep it a secret). Her best party trick is drinking all the Chardonnay and her life motto is, treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

Favourite Glenarty Road wine - Chardonnay because its chardonnay

 Bill Macintosh - Glenarty Road 
B I L L   M A C I N T O S H - cheese + charcuterie maker

A man of many talents and skills who we are lucky to have on the farm. He is most content when scuba diving, mushroom hunting or making tasty treats like our house cheese and charcuterie or anything bbq’d. He happy place is the ocean floor or his farm in Karridale, which is also what he is most grateful for in life. He best party trick is the ability to literally fall asleep anywhere or anytime and he lives by two rules… 1. Don’t panic. 2. 80% done is better than 0% complete!

Favourite Glenarty Road wine – Chardonnay because it’s elegant, crisp and matches seafood brilliantly.


E M M A  H A S T I E - garden fairy

Emma brings a calming vibe to our team and lots of invaluable knowledge to the garden. She has chosen to call the Margaret River region home with all her family because of the beautiful environment and so many people that share her same passion for preserving and protecting it. When doesn’t have her hands in the dirt she loves a good costume party and having fun with friends!

Favourite Glenarty Road wine – Which ever one matches the weather! 


H A R R Y  T A Y L O R - farm hand

Harry is always happy and a totally legend to have around. He lives by the motto of work hard and play hard, which suits his farming and adventurous lifestyle. When he is not working, he is home on the family farm in Tambellup or camping and fishing, ideally in the Kimberley. He love’s a good joke, mostly rude and not made for here! It’s Augusta that brings Harry here, for its relaxed vibe and lack of people.

Favourite Glenarty Road wine – Archers Drop + Pet Nat

Japo Dalli Cani - Glenarty Road 
J A P O   D A L L I   C A N I - head winemaker
Jacopo (rebaptised "Japo" by his fellow Australians) was born in Soave,in the north-east of Italy. Growing up surrounded by vineyards and wineries it isn't surprising Japo pursued a career in winemaking.
After graduating at the Viticulture and Oenology University of Conegliano, Italy and upon gathering valuable experience at renowned local producer Inama, Japo decided to broaden his knowledge by travelling to other wine regions both in Europe and in the new world. Japo completed internships in Bordeaux, Barossa Valley, Margaret River and in New Zealand.
Impressed by the quality of the wines and by the breath-taking beauty of the landscape, he returned to Western Australia and permanently settled in Margaret River.
"I have always been fascinated by wines that are not only delicious but also enriching and inspiring. I believe that while pleasing your senses great wines are capable of taking you on a journey to where the vines deepen their roots, they should capture the true essence of the land and the people who farm it."
As part of the McHenry Hohnen and Glenarty Road team, Japo shares the principles of minimal intervention winemaking and enjoys crafting single vineyard wines of distinctive character that are honest and truly hand-made.