Introducing our Wildlings

Introducing our Wildlings | Glenarty Road | Margaret River


Our wildest interpretations.
Varieties chosen by chance or on travels,
planted with purpose. 
Poetic from picking to pouring.
Wrapped in a bespoke musing of place.
For the adventurous and wild at heart.



We are so excited to bring you these beauties.

Our bravest decisions and wildest dreams bottled for you!

Regeneratively grown on the farm and brought to life by our legendary winemakers Japo and Henry. Each label is a creative expression of the unique vineyard and the aromas, flavours, and textures you can experience.
Beautifully captured by artist Melissa Boughey.

A culmination of our creative and committed farming. We are so proud of this evolution and forever grateful to have you on this adventure! 
May these wild wines intrigue you, strike good conversation and bring many good wholesome times!

Lots of love, lamb and good wine always,

Sash, Ben + The Glenarty Road Family.


Margaret River Pinot Noir



A book club that only reads wine labels meets in Maxwell’s Paddock. Today, it’s a love story. A tale of sour cherry and rose petal. Handpicked beginning, clay amphora middle, fruit leather finish. An author by the name of Pinot Noir.

Margaret River Vermentino

Lemon sherbet and salt spray on the tongue. The sight of sun-kissed berries. Nights spent soaking, skin on skin. Together they took a trip down memory lane, and came back with a bottle of Vermentino.

Margaret River Savagnin

Who am I? I’m a tangy touch of apple bred with a cinnamon stick. I hail from a tiny batch, my family no larger than two barrels. Raised in the lower valley, delicately handpicked. I’ve been mistaken for Spanish but I’m steadfastly French. I am Savagnin.

Margaret River Fiano


A hint of honeysuckle, warm in the sun. The weight of gravelly loam over Karridale clay. Three hundred vines, hand-picked and fermented wild. Together they took a trip down memory lane, and came back with a bottle of Fiano.

Margaret River Fume Blanc


Flinders, French oak, fig. Esters tropical, apple green, aspect east.
From the place on the hill with an ocean breeze. Drink wild, they tell us. 
It tastes better.

S H O P   W I L D L I N G S 

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