Stop and smell the Rosè...

Stop and smell the Rosè... | Glenarty Road | Margaret River

It's time to Rosè the day away...

Spring is one of our favourite seasons for so many reasons. The sun warms the soul, the garden starts to thrive and our 2020 Rosès come out to play!

Pinot Noir Rose

2 0 2 0  G L E N A R T Y   R O A D   R O S È 

I am made for summery long lunches with good friends and good tunes. I will entice you with notes of strawberries and cream and delicate floral aromas. Filling your mouth with complex flavours of Campari and orange blossom, sophisticated texture and a dry moreish finish.
90% Pinot Noir, 8 % Shiraz 2% Muscat.

Sweet Rose

2 0 2 0  K E R F U F F L E   R O S È 

Hi, I'm Scarlett. I am juicy with hints of watermelon, pomegranate and passionfruit zest, with a gentle touch of sweetness. I match perfectly with sunny day sessions and spicy food. I have a slight spritz with low alcohol. Making me super easy to drink and bound to cause a Kerfuffle. 
71% Shiraz + 29% Muscat.

S H O P  R O S È

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